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The Frepals project is committed and dedicated towards reducing infant/maternal mortality morbidity rate, prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS. In relation to HIV/AIDS Frepals have met with diverse challenges in caring for infected and affected. The current target constitutes the infected mothers who require nutritional supplement for their babies and themselves.

In this respect Frepals has a programme to cater for mothers who opt for replacement feeding , drug , therapy, education, home based care and Micro finance (Merry Go Round). This has enabled mothers to develop self esteem and encouragement to live positively.

This project is committed towards eradicating poverty and disease. Frepals has taken the initiative to educate and give appropriate information to the target groups. This has led to adoption of qualitative antenatal and postnatal care.

Communicable diseases are predominant in the slum due to poor sanitation and waste disposal mechanism. Many target groups suffer from Malaria, typhoid, dysentery, Pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, sexually transmitted disease among others.

Frepals have initiated curative and preventive services to cater for that. This has significantly reduced the infection rate. Frepals is also committed to the rehabilitation of the environment as a preventive measure. This has been conducted through mobilization of clean up campaigns education and information giving.

Adolescent and youth constitute some of the most vulnerable target groups in the slum. Cases of child abuse, rape, sexual assault, forced labour, prostitution, drug peddling, female genital mutilation, early marriages, teenage pregnancies and abandoned babies have been prevalent. Frepals is working around the clock to facilitate rehabilitation, education and appropriate information giving. This will ensure safety and productivity among the youth in the slums. To address all the above outlined challenges, Frepals have designed specific programmes to be implemented as a process towards achieving the target goals.

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