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Some programmes initiated and run by Frepals include:

a) Reproductive health Care services
b) Curative
c) Preventive = Maternal child health care services ( immunization of under five (5))
d) Promotive – Environmental Rehabilitation & sanitation program.
e) P.M.T.C.T – Prevention mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS
f) V.C.T. program
g) Micro finance
h) Operating theatre.

Never the less the resources have been scarce and it has been difficult to make ends meet in the running of these activities because our clients are unable to pay for services rendered. It is with this regard that Frepals appeals to well wishers, organizations and volunteer doctors, nurses to come on board and support some of the activities towards the realization of its goals and objectives.


(A) Feeding programme for infected/affected mother

This programme is designed to assist and support infected/affected mothers in their livelihood and nutritional supplements. The specific activities in this programme include; provision of milk, baby porridge, beans, rice, maize flour and cooking fat. Other activities includes facilitation of seminars and workshops, home based care, psychological support, occupational therapy and micro credit finance (Income generating act ivies).

(B) Reproductive health care services

Antenatal and postnatal case programme. This activities in this programme includes; Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS, family planning, immunization of under five (5) child growth monitoring, case screening among others. These ensure update and on time intervention procedures in the case of any ill health hence facilitating appropriate preventive measures.

(C) Adolescent and youth rehabilitation programme

Frepals is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of youths and teenagers in the slums. In this respect the project has initiated peer education forums, seminars and workshops on issues affecting their lives adversely. This enhances productivity and social economic growth.

(D) Environmental rehabilitation and sanitation programme.

Toward this end, Frepals is committed toward facilitation of garbage collection, building community toilets, provision of clean drinking water, clean up campaigns, education and information giving. This is basically targeted toward reduction of communicable disease.

(E) Curative and preventive measures.

Following periodical outbreaks of communicable disease and preventive measures, preventive measures are given priority and implemented through communication education and information giving. This has contributed to effective and reduction of treatment costs and improving of health status of the target groups. Curative measures are executed for these preventive measures and have reduced considerably due to on time screening, diagnosing and treatment.

(F) HIV/AIDS SERVICES AND PMTCT (Prevention mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS)

This is a major programme at Frepals. It caters for both infected and the affected giving support services, advices and education. Frepals have indulged in an upgraded campaign towards making HIV/AIDS awareness and encouraging the target groups to volunteer for counseling and testing. This has been very successful.

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